A detailed look at your 2018 trainers

Speakers and Presenters

Paula Arturo
Lawyer, Translator, former Law Professor

Translated the works of Nobel Prize Laureates and renowned jurists.

Virginia Katsimpiri
Translator & Language Teaching Professional

Certified Translator | Mentoring Program Coordinator & Mentor

Ellen Singer
EN/NL/ES Translator, Owner of ART

The hugging translator & mentor, hugs projects, texts and people.

Martina Russo
Swiss-Italian Translator & Marketeer

A true world citizen. Online marketing expert. Loves: cats, slopes, rock-climbing.

Alessandra Martelli
Translator & Copywriter

A true believer in the power of words. Author of “21 Free Tools for Translators”. Loves black&white Hollywood comedies.

Sarah Henter
Translator & Marketing Specialist

Text creation and translation of clinical trials.

Jeannette Bauroth
German Literary Translator & Author

Indie author publishing specialist. Loves: traveling, Agatha Christie.

Martina Eco
Translator, 3P Translation

London-based Italian translator. Loves: pizza, coffee, all things communication.

Richard Delaney
Lawyer & Linguist

Berlin-based lawyer-linguist, chartered linguist & accredited expert.

Imke Brodersen
German Literary Translator

Her forte: books on health, nutrition and fiction. Loves: blogging, hiking, beagles.