Sarah's Bio

Sarah is originally from Germany but has been living in Spain for 10 years where she is the co-owner and director of a small translation firm specialising in text creation and translation for clinical trials. A former lecturer teaching translation and philology students at university level, the education of future translators is a subject she deeply cares about. She has written and spoken about the matter in journals and at conferences and has taught personal branding to more than 500 students in online courses.

Sustainable business development to me means … breaking the feast and famine cycle in order to be able to work not only in your business but on your business, and have time to not just earn a living for yourself, but also to give back, e.g. teaching/coaching or whatever works best for you.

Sarah's Conference Workshop

Business plan and vision – define your purpose, niche down, plan ahead and soar

If you speak to freelance translators (or any kind of freelancer really), most of them have never thought of creating a business plan for themselves. After all, we’re not businesses, right?

Wrong. No matter how small your business is, even if it is just yourself and your laptop, you need an actual plan to thrive. Only waiting for things to happen just isn’t enough. Think of yourself as the CEO of your own enterprise. You can’t just work in your business. You also have to work on your business. No idea how to do that? This workshop will show you all the strategies you need to get started.

During the first part of the workshop, we will define your business purpose, your vision, mission, and value proposal. We’ll find out who’s your ideal client and create a unique selling proposition to attract them. After the break we’ll define your business objectives for the short, middle and long term, look into pricing strategies and competitor analysis. This is a hands-on workshop from which you will take away an actual condensed business plan. It is suitable for both newbies and experienced translators as the strategies we’ll show will adapt to where you’re at in your business right now. Every attendant will be provided with templates for client avatars, SMART objectives, business model canvas and much more in order to allow them to create their own personalised material, which they will then be able to implement in their business.