Paula's Bio

Paula Arturo is a lawyer, translator, and former law professor. Throughout her 17+ year career, she has translated several law books and publications in major international journals for high-profile authors, including the works of Nobel Prize Laureates and renowned jurists. She is an independent lawyer-linguist for the United Nations Universal Periodic Review process of several Latin American states, as well as a legal-linguistic consultant for various international organizations. She is a co-creator of Translating Lawyers, a boutique firm specializing in legal translation by lawyers for lawyers. She is currently serving a two-year term as Administrator of the American Translators Association’s Literary Division, Co-head of Legal Affairs at the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters and member of the Public Policies Forum of the Supreme Court of Argentina.

Paula's Pre-Conference Business Masterclass

In the increasingly complex and segmented markets in which language professionals work, some play in the big leagues while others watch from the sidelines. And what separates those who have achieved a certain level of financial security and professional recognition from those who struggle to make ends meet is not necessarily just a matter of ability or talent.

Real professionals understand that translation is not a hobby or a pastime. They invest copious amounts of time and energy to hone both hard and soft skills alike. They develop realistic business models with attainable goals. They learn to price and sell their services efficiently. They’re not afraid to negotiate. They protect their business and reputation with adequate contracts. And, most importantly, they never stop perfecting their craft.

In this workshop, you will get hands-on training from someone with a solid academic and professional background and over a decade and half of experience (and some serious bragging rights) in the language profession. Among other things, we’ll discuss negotiation, pricing strategies, contracts, and skills development. I’ll share what’s worked for me and work closely with you to help you adapt that to what can realistically work for you.

The straight and narrow: I will take you under my wing during this in-depth, limited-seat business masterclass.

Date and Location: November 16, 2018, Las Palmas
Format:  1-day intensive training
Limited Seating: only 10 spaces total
Costs: 165 Euro
Includes: all workshop materials, lunch and coffee, certificate

Paula's Conference Workshop

Translators as Sustainability Agents

In 2015, the United Nations launched its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The goals (adopted by 193 UN member states) are a significant step in setting the world on a trajectory towards sustainable development. At this session, you will get a brief overview of how sustainability has been understood through time, as well as a comprehensive introduction to the SDGs. We will examine how various non-state and societal actors are responding to and implementing the SDGs and how translators can become sustainability agents, making a good living while also making a difference!