Imke's Bio

Imke studied translation sciences in Germersheim, Germany, at one of the most renowned schools for translators and interpreters in the world. Languages are like paradise for her because they fill her head with all those words and sounds and ideas. As a true book lover, she has translated about 150 books, fiction and non-fiction, from English and Spanish into German so far. Imke deeply appreciates her diligent proofreaders and editors, her cooperative colleagues and authors and those readers who approach her after having spotted an overlooked mistake in one of her translations. After 25+ years as a literary translator, she still longs for that next beautifully written story or new medical theory. She loves blogging, shooting photos, or enjoying the wonders of nature outside.

Sustainable business development to me means happy clients who come back with new and exciting projects year after year.

Imke's Conference Presentation

Worst case and rescue

You delivered your translation in time. You are proud of your work and wait for your money. But your client is not at all satisfied – and now? Translators often experience reactions like:

  • “I’m the language expert, and this is no mistake at all”,
  • “Why don’t they just accept it?”,
  • “I shouldn’t have taken this job; I never knew it would be so complicated”,
  • “That’s not my fault”,
  • “If I repair this now I won’t be able to keep my next deadline”,
  • “Do I have to inform my insurance?”, or even
  • “Am I bankrupt?” (deep existential panic)?

In her long career as a freelancer Imke has certainly made all sorts of mistakes. Her presentation will provide a step-by-step workflow following an activity diagram with YES/NO answers for different scenarios.

Take part in this session and hone your skills on

  • How to react rationally at every step
  • How to fix mistakes in the translation business professionally
  • How to analyse and adapt your processes according to your clients’ needs

Let us share best practices for keeping our clients happy!