Ellen's Bio

Ellen Singer is a freelance translator with more than twenty years of experience as a full-time translator and project manager. She owns a small technical translation agency with her husband that focuses on quality. Ellen has been working with CAT tools since the 1990s. She loves challenges and knowledge and enjoys cooperating with others. A speaker of English, Spanish and Dutch, Ellen has been presenting at conferences since 2013. She has covered a wide range of topics, from technical translation to Donald Duck, from file conversion to QA, and even Why translate? She enjoys conferences and meeting other translators.

Sustainable business development to me means not following every trend that comes along.

Ellen's Conference Workshop 1

Long-term business practice – Ethics and integrity

Scenarios and best practice

Decisions have a short-term and a long-term impact on your business. Your ethical and integrity compass will determine your relationships with customers, colleagues and all others.

We will discuss responses to specific scenarios to see if we all agree on the best practice options. Every scenario provides a framework to discuss and hopefully agree on the right response. Sitting at our desks we sometimes do not foresee the repercussions of certain actions.

Attendees may bring their own scenarios to discuss.

Ellen's Conference Workshop 2, with Alessandra Martelli

Let’s talk business!

– For Confidentiality reasons, this session will not be part of the conference book. –

Attendees bring their own issues to discuss. Ellen and the Alessandra will have a few topics to start the discussion, stemming from their combined wisdom won through decades as business owners in the language industry.

The idea is to have a candid conversation about what we encounter when working as freelance translators and interpreters. Topics can include issues circling around negotiations, rates, extra tasks, conversions, NDA, contracts, etc. Greenhorns and seasoned colleagues will benefit from hearing how others cope with everyday issues. We will work through/talk through real-life examples.

What happens at this session stays at this session!