At The Biz Muses, we thrive on building relationships and take great pride in the company we keep. Meet the people who made the Canary Translators Conference 2018 possible!

Hello there! I'm Nicole.

In a Nutshell:

A head for business ft. a tree hugger's mind.

My mission: promote ethics and integrity, empower my peers to build healthy, thriving brands that benefit them for life.

I’m a traveler, a book collector, a gardener, a humanist nerd passionate about nature conservancy and sustainable living, very much in love with the Canary Islands.

An expert on building a thriving business from the ground up, on doing well for yourself by doing good onto others, on marketing and brand management.

A pro bono editor for Translators Without Borders, a stickler for business ethics and etiquette, a certified TELC examiner and lecturer for entrepreneurship in adult education.

And just one email away for all your feedback and questions about the Canary Translators Conference.

See you in Las Palmas!

Our Groundforce

We're proud to work with these Canarian Colleagues!

I love research, playing with words, and creating never-ending lists. Having been raised between professional cooks grew a passion for grandma’s cooking and exotic gastronomies. As a Certified Nurse Assistant, I get to have a second job I love: in the surgery room, communicating with foreign patients and helping them to overcome their fears and nervousness.

A chat with friends over of a glass of wine makes life a bliss. I am crazy about cats, coffee and sharing knowledge, sunsets by the beach, good books (would love to retire in a library) and 7 am walks when the world is still calm and beautiful.

Marie-Claire Cruz Schwarz
Las Palmas Local. Swiss-German/Spanish Translator.

Certified nurse assistant turned translator: Health. Tourism. Gastronomy.

I left my hometown Cologne to challenge myself and explore new business opportunities – and found myself living my dream. It’s been 15 years since I fell in love with the magical landscape and amazing people of the Canary Islands.

I have been a language nerd since Kindergarten and have always had a special relationship with the Spanish language and culture. I love traveling, historic buildings and different cultures. Animal rights and environmental protection are two of my passions and I actually translate for animal shelters in my free time, while my 5 lovely cats purr around my feet.

Sarah Thonnet
Gran Canaria Local, Sworn Translator ES/EN-DE

Business communication specialist and passionate yogini.