The Canary Translators Conference.

November 17 and 18, 2018, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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No Frills. Just Business.

Turn theory into practice among like-minded colleagues.

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Sun. Sea. CPD.

The Canary Translators Conference, November 17 & 18, 2018, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

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Transformative Training.

Hot new experts and seasoned VIPs teach high-quality content hands-on.

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Dive Deep: Hands-on CPD

Demonstration, training, challenges: workshops turn “all-talk” into an actionable learning experience.
Ready, set, skill up!

Kick Back and Grow

Hot new experts and seasoned VIPs, 12 in-depth sessions on 3 parallel tracks, a relaxing and laid-back atmosphere make learning and networking memorable and fun.

Put your Biz on the Map

Hard skills meet business strategics: up your client game, escalate your output quality, elevate your business mindset: Make 2019 your best business year ever.

Thursday, Nov 15 through Sunday, Nov 18 and beyond

Explore the Event Timeline

FRIDAY: Business Clinic
SATURDAY: Conference Day 1
SUNDAY: Conference Day 2
Fringe Events

Icebreaker & Warm-Up

Join us on Thursday for a trip to the South of the island. We will explore the magical Puerto de Mogan before we head out to sea for a whale watching experience. Your chance to network with other participants while falling in love with Gran Canaria.

Date: November 15, 2018
Duration: 10 am to 6 pm
Remaining Tickets: 12 Tickets available

Tough-Love Business Masterclass

Paula Arturo will take you under her wing during this in-depth, limited seats mentoring day. You will get hands-on training from someone with an outstanding career, including 17 years (and some serious bragging rights) in the language profession. This is your chance to jump-start your business year 2019 if you plan to move our business upmarket.

Date and Location: November 16, 2018, Las Palmas
Format:  1-day intensive training, lunch included
Limited Seating: only 10 spaces total
Costs: 165 Euro
Includes: all workshop materials, certificate

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Workshops and Networking Soiree

Day 1 of the Canary Translators Conference will focus on business basics, client avatars and niches:

  • Quality Assessment in Literary Translation
  • Translating Fiction Successfully
  • Problem-Solving and -Prevention
  • Business Plan and Business Vision
  • Ethics and Integrity

In the evening, a networking soiree in a beautiful setting will provide ample opportunity to network and relax.

Conference Day 2

A day filled with workshops, networking and games, all dedicated to marketing and business development. 3 parallel tracks of workshops on:

  • Building your Marketing Strategy
  • Your perfect “About Me” Page
  • Translators as Sustainability Agents
  • Coaching on Client List Expansion
  • Training on Free High-End Online Marketing

We will conclude the final conference day with a night of celebration at one of Las Palmas top restaurants.

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PS: You may want to stay on for the writers’ retreat!

Wellness? Workend? Vote for both!

As a conference participant, we would love to share Gran Canaria’s many wonders with you:

  • Morning meditation on Canteras Beach (free for participants)
  • A whale-watching tour
  • A Cinderella-style networking soiree
  • Sunday dinner at a slow food restaurant
  • Guided city tours with a bike bus
  • A trip to the maritime aquarium
  • Anti-Conference Blues Breakfast on Monday

You can reserve your space for any or all of these events with your conference ticket code; your welcome package will include all the necessary information. All events offer limited seating to provide an exclusive experience; spaces will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Book your space today!

The Canary Translators Conference 2018

Event Speakers

Alessandra Martelli
Translator & Copywriter

A true believer in the power of words. Author of “21 Free Tools for Translators”.

Paula Arturo
Lawyer, Translator, former Law Professor

Translated the works of Nobel Prize Laureates and renowned jurists.

Ellen Singer
EN/NL/ES Translator, Owner of ART

The hugging translator & mentor, hugs projects, texts and people.

Martina Russo
Swiss-Italian Translator & Marketeer

A true world citizen. Online marketing expert. Loves: cats, slopes, rock-climbing.

Richard Delaney
Lawyer & Linguist

Berlin-based lawyer-linguist, chartered linguist & accredited expert.

Jeannette Bauroth
German Literary Translator & Author

Indie author publishing specialist. Loves: traveling, Agatha Christie.

Sarah Henter
Translator & Marketing Specialist

Text creation and translation of clinical trials.

Imke Brodersen
German Literary Translator

Her forte: books on health, nutrition and fiction. Loves: blogging, hiking, beagles.

Martina Eco
Translator, 3P Translation

London-based Italian translator. Loves: pizza, coffee, all things communication.

Virginia Katsimpiri
Translator & Language Teaching Professional

Certified Translator | Mentoring Program Coordinator & Mentor

The WHY of this conference

Building bridges between colleagues of all backgrounds and niches, providing an opportunity to develop both business and translation skills, in-depth CPD in workshop form throughout an event set in a city that is both uniquely “tranquilo” and buzzing with a zest for life:

This conference truly is one of a kind.

Born from growing interest in the Las Palmas Meetups and the quest to promote relevant professional development and active network relations, we are looking at a premiere in more ways than one.

Make the most of your November and finish your business year on a high note. Join us in Las Palmas!

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